Meet the Team

Rosalind Panda

Rosalind Panda

Rosalind Panda as a Thought leader, Visionary, and Changemaker is here to inspire and empower others to do what inspires them so that all of us together can make this world a better place. She lives a life with Purpose and optimism serving mankind and benefiting the World through the fundamental elements of life e.g. Art, Technology, Creative design thinking, and Innovation. She is the CEO of Rosalind IT Services Inc, Founder of Rosalind Arts, the CEO of Rosalind Constructions, and Founder of ROVA Token and Rosalind Prasad Foundation Inc. She is a technology Innovator, fine art artist, Public Speaker, Author, and influencer. She is the Influencer in the International Association of Women, and a member of the global woman club, the International Society of Female Professionals Organization. She is the author of the book “LET SELF BECOME THE LEADER”.

Kenneth Goodwin headshot

Kenneth Goodwin

Ken is the Managing Partner of Jeanensis Ventures a venture capital and digital asset advisory firm. He is the General Partner for both the 144 TrailBlazer Digital Venture Fund targeting seed to Series A digital transformation firms within Blockchain Applications and Web 3.0. and the the 369 Gann Fund, an esoteric trading fund. Ken is the Blockchain/Digital Assets Contributor to FinTech TV on the floor of NYSE. He was recently featured in Money Magazine for Blockchain/FinTech leadership. Ken is a TEDxTALKS Speaker, a 10 to Know Global Game Changer, U.S. White House Business Council/Forward TPP member, Aspen Institute Nakasone and Mike and Maureen Mansfield Fellow, PhD Project Member and Ronald E. McNair Scholar (twice) Ken is a TrailBlazer: 1st Foreigner to monitor JGBs on the floor of Tokyo Stock Exchange (TSE/JPX) 1st Curator of the Women Leaders in Blockchain Symposium (NYC) 1st Curator of the Urban Leaders in Blockchain Symposium (NYC) 1st Curator of the Globally Local FinTech, AI and Blockchain Symposium (Wealth & International FinTech 2020 Award).