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We Build Lasting Relationships Between Candidates& Businesses

We Rosalind IT Services are good at building lasting relationships to make the jobs done in a way to the success. All our clients are very happy to work with us. 

We have the best candidates with all the advanced level skills and knowledge are waiting with us to get hired and join the best industries like you. The candidates with us are having good skills and vast working experience. Placing them in the right place or right industry is our responsibility.

We Rosalind IT Services is the best place where you can find your gem-like candidate for your remote jobs hiring.  We have a vast trove of knowledge and skills in our candidates who are eagerly looking to join your organizations. All you gotta do is handpick the desired candidate from our company’s candidates list. It’s easy with us!

Conference hll with people


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Jobs Hiring

Professional development

Finding jobs and building Professional development is the key concept at Rosalind IT Services. As a full-service consulting firm, we are always looking for talented people who want to connect with our clients in an informal manner on issues relating directly or indirectly related domains. We have clients from all disciplines so you’ll find careers for engineers, product managers, Business Analysts, Project Managers, Software Developers of many types.


Medical coverage at Rosalind IT Services for their employees can cover the injury at work, hospitalization. The policy states that any employee injured in an accident or incident is eligible to be covered under Medicare (or Medicaid), and it also provides emergency medical services during a life-threatening situation if needed.


Compensation at Rosalind IT Services is transparent and even. In addition, our compensation policy addresses employee issues such as training/development opportunities. We have dedicated individuals working with customers to assist you in getting a job, securing their credentials, understanding the industry changes around us as we grow, and more.  We believe that transparency from your company’s perspective helps you do the right thing with great results. There’s no better way to establish a good working relationship than by giving an honest assessment of all parties involved. What can someone expect?

Parental leave

Parental leave is your right where you are working is not affected. Most employers offer 12 weeks of paid time off after two years on the job, but there’s no limit to what that money will be going towards when a mother leaves work or becomes pregnant; this can get complicated if she also has children at home, so consider how much each part-time position pays before making any decisions about family plans.  Tackling these issues with flexible arrangements helps ensure employees’ safety and support their families while creating jobs for those who need them.


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Work-life balance

Work-life balance at work has also been affected by the rise of online job search and competition for positions, with those who are looking for employment less likely to find it here with us at Rosalind IT Services. While there are many factors, including physical health, family and job security considerations, professional experience, educational attainment/earning opportunities as well the amount of time a person spends on any other things.

Diversity and inclusion

Diversity and Inclusion in jobs, schools & workplaces  The need for diversity is not unique to the United States. The Department of Labor is committed to expanding opportunities for all workers, including minorities. Our efforts will include hiring more qualified male and female managers as well. We also need you to continue your interest in what we do through our Organization.

Work hard, play hard

Work Hard Play Hard is our supportive slogan. We’re not asking for that kind of fun again, but we do hope you won’t mind playing hard enough to stay on a high level and feel good about the team’s performance as the carer goes by. “Hard play” refers here specifically to an ideal scenario where candidates have little or no other opportunities because they are mostly focused solely (or exclusively) ON performing with maximum effort – whatever it takes at all times.

Make an impact

Make an impact in your life with solid career advice from the experts. With this one you will be able to avoid being disappointed by future self-care skills that are never taught or neglected and realize how powerful they truly can help you grow as a person, professionally & socially. Read Less If you’re ready for a change…  Empower yourself through real job success! You’ll get a head start on the next steps of starting up companies or trying to find new opportunities! we will help guide all our candidates based upon their personal goals and qualifications as well.

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We’ve worked with some great companies already. We think you
should join them in your quest for top talent.