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The 8 Best Marketing Strategies for Your App

Combining the best marketing strategies for your app with the other elements of the web marketing plan will help you succeed in digital planning.

In this article, we will mention several app marketing strategies that will work for any application, budget, and target audience. Keep reading to know more.

App Marketng Strategy
App Marketng Strategy

What is application marketing?

App marketing covers every user interaction from the moment they learn about the product to when they become a loyal user. This type of marketing includes defining your target audience, learning how to reach them and how to communicate with them, as well as analyzing their behavior within the app.

All of this will allow you to make improvements as users move through the conversion funnel. The ultimate goal of app marketing will be to get users to not only download the app but also to become loyal customers.

Like any good marketing strategy, to promote your app you must do market research. This will help you understand who your target audience is. Also who will be interested in the product, what your competition is, and even what the appropriate launch date is.

Create one or more user personas, so you know what to expect from your audience. Also, how to create effective messages and which channels to use.

The 8 best marketing strategies for your app

There are almost 9 million apps available for download. That is why having a good marketing strategy for your application is key to stand out from so much competition. When developing a good app it is important that it works well, but if users do not know it, all that work will be in vain.

1. Create a landing page or blog for your app

Having a landing page is a key strategy to promote your app. It allows users to know more about the application. It is a method that is associated with web positioning strategies to attract users.

The landing page must have a good web design and be optimized. You have to give a sneak peek of what people will see if they install the app. And of course the links to download stores like Google Play Store or App Store with a clear call to action.

If you have a blog it will also be of great help. You can keep it updated on the news of your app. This SEO optimization will also help you reach your target audience because you can use the right keywords.

In addition, you can share the posts on social profiles. You could even use guest blogging strategically to talk about your app on other blogs in your niche.

Do I need a landing page for my app?

The landing page is simply one a part of the holistic approach we use to position apps for fulfillment, but it is a critical one. Without even the foremost basic landing page, users will struggle to get your app and won’t have many options to share your app with their own networks

How do I create a landing page?

You should take the help of the professionals who create awesome landing pages. Here at Rosalind IT Services, we create responsive web layouts and attractive landing pages for your mobile apps, products releases, etc. Please contact us here +1 412 342 5364, +1 716 780 4489

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2. ASO positioning

ASO is App Store Optimization, it is about applying SEO strategies to position applications in stores, which helps to get more downloads. But it is also used to increase brand exposure, get more reviews and ratings, as well as more engagement.

App stores have a search engine, therefore, they trust quality content, good indexing, perception of the quality of the app, value signals such as reviews, engagement, and ratings.

To achieve the positioning of your app, aspects such as:

  • App name, title, and URL. They should reflect the keywords that describe your app and also what differentiates it from the rest. You must know the behavior of the user to use the correct ones.
  • Use of keywords. In this field you must include the keywords that people use, for this, it is important to do a search.
  • Get reviews. Having comments and stars gives users confidence; it is also a sign of the ranking in the app stores. They must be many and new.
  • Indexing in apps.
  • Click rate optimization (CTR). Having good thumbnails and screenshots will help you get more clicks.
  •  App update. By doing this every so often and adding something of value, your audience will be able to react positively.

When applying these techniques, having a website is key because it will allow you to bring referral traffic.

What is ASO positioning?

ASO is the acronym for App Store Optimization. In other words, optimizing a mobile application within the place during which it’s released to make sure it will be in and around the top places in the search list. this would in turn increase the number of organic downloads

Why is ASO important?

As mentioned before, the main goal for ASO is to increase the number of downloads. ASO will center your app to make it more visible and discoverable for relevant users. … ASO is hugely important because it can help your app grow in an organic way and increase the conversion rate so you’ll stand out from the crowd.

3. Marketing in social media

It is important to have profiles on social media where your clients are and publish regularly. This will help to get your brand known. You will be able to build a community and get feedback from users.

The content of your social media will depend on the platform. For example, on Facebook and Twitter, you can share links to your blog posts, on Instagram screenshots, or guides on how to use your app.

The right channels will be very helpful in-app marketing. Also, post company updates, create a brand tag. Not only publish promotional content but also entertains and helps you get engagement.

4. Use advertising or paid ads

If your budget allows it, you can pay for advertising on platforms such as social media, and even within the app itself. The platform to use will depend on your target audience.

If you are going to use ads on social media, remember that people have a short attention span, which is why your ads should be of a few seconds.

Another option is Google Search Ads, if your app is the solution to problems that people often Google, then it will be an excellent opportunity to promote yourself in the search engine.

5. Influencer Marketing

This type of marketing involves including influencers to reach new users and promote the brand. It is a widely used strategy to promote apps in recent years since it is very effective.

There are several options, you can give influencers free things to share with their audience or ask them to place your product on the market. You will have creative control and it is cost/effective, these are two of its main advantages.

Fashion or store apps take great advantage of this type of marketing.

What is influencer marketing and how does it work?

Influencer marketing employs leading, niche content creators to boost brand awareness, increase traffic, and drive your brand’s message to your target audience. These content creators already market to your ideal audience across different channels which allows you to expand your reach across your buyer personas.

Who uses influencer marketing?

Adidas. Adidas is one of the most famous brands using influencer marketing to promote their products. Adidas arrived in touch with influencers to increase their reach on social media. They wanted to specialize in a younger audience so that they chose to do an Instagram influencer marketing campaign.

6. Retention campaigns

The retention rate is the percentage of users who are still active after a period of time. This usually goes down over time, but they depend on the type of app.

App Marketing Strategy

The goal is to identify where users usually leave your app and try to retain them before this happens. If you do, you will get more engagement and earnings from people who already have your app installed.

What is a retention campaign?

Retention marketing could be a strategy that markets to existing customers. It focuses on bringing back customers who have already done business with a brand and keeping customers who are already connected to a brand.

What are the types of retention?

We came up with five different types of retention. Of these, three are most commonly referred to, and two are less widespread calculation methods that can nonetheless be put to good use.

  • Full retention.
  • Classic retention.
  • Rolling retention.
  • Return retention.
  • Bracket-dependent return retention.

7. Email marketing

Having a mailing list is a great way to regularly update users and send out promotional offers. This app marketing strategy will help you increase retention rates and make a profit.

Email marketing is still very important for small and medium businesses, it helps them to retain and acquire customers.

A great benefit is that you will only contact those people who agreed to receive your email. Therefore, they already know you. And, in addition, it helps you offer something of value to loyal customers. For it to work, you must make the call to action clear.

8. Push Notifications

Pop-up notifications or push notifications are an option to increase customer retention. Users who agree to receive them have 88% more engagement with the app than those who do not. And the higher the retention rate, the better you will rank.

Give users reasons to turn on notifications. Like special rewards, access to exclusive content, coupons, promotions, and more, all of this invites engagement.

These are the 8 best marketing strategies for your app; remember how important it is to set clear goals before starting your plan. This way you will know which KPIs to measure and if you are achieving what you set out to do.

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